Hi, I'm

Jesse Cui

Engineer and Web-Developer

I'm building products and creating systems
that improve the wisdom of people and the justice of society.

About Me

I love learning about business, technology, education, policy, and psychology.

There is massive and growing socioeconomic inequality within our society. I'm currently learning about the causes of this inequality so that I can build the proper systems, organizations, and technologies to create a more fair and just society.

To tackle this issue, we must solve our education problem and make sure that all people of different socioeconomic statuses can receive the same high level of education. We must also solve the inequality surrounding access to knowledge and social capital. The current education system is ready for disruption and reform, and I will be there to make sure that it happens.


Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch by sending me an email with the form below. I’m happy to connect or answer any questions you may have as well as discuss new projects or opportunities to explore, especially in the areas I've mentioned above.