Hi, I'm

Jesse Cui

Engineer and Web-Developer

I build products and create systems
that improve the wisdom of people and the justice of society.

About Me

My focus is on the intersection of business, technology, politics, and psychology.

There are pressing societal issues on the rise, ranging from misinformation on the internet to wealth inequality within society. My aim is to understand these important problems that have appeared over the past few decades and build systems, organizations, and technologies to solve them in order to ensure the justice of society.

My current work involves building products to help increase the opportunties of people from disadvantaged backgrounds and working on big problems facing technology companies. I also plan on building platforms that improve the political awareness and engagement of people in order to create a wiser society where our citizens can make well-informed policy decisions.

My Work

Rise First Logo
Rise First
Chief Technology Officer


I lead a team of web-developers to build and expand our non-profit’s technology platform which empowers first-generation, low-income students and professionals nationwide by providing academic and career support.


Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch by sending me an email with the form below. I’m happy to connect or answer any questions you may have as well as discuss new projects, creative ideas, or cool opportunities to explore.