Hi, I'm Jesse!

I'm currently an undergraduate student in the Jerome Fisher (dual-degree) Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm studying computer science and cognitive science at the School of Engineering and Applied Science and operations, information, and decisions at the Wharton School.

My mission is to build and lead teams and organizations to provide sustainable solutions to society's greatest problems surrounding socio-economic equality, education, health, and the environment utilizing innovative and powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning while teaching others how to do the same.

On the side, I also love hiking with friends, pursuing spirtuality, reading books on sociology and psychology, and playing music with my saxophone, guitar, and ukulele!

Jesse Cui

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Software Engineering Intern
May 2019 - Aug 2019
Menlo Park, CA

Built collaborative filtering TV shows recommender system pipeline with 11 TB of engagement data using Python, Hive/Hadoop and Presto. Delivered full-stack mobile referral flow to 3 verticals and over 1000 creators with 180k+ supporters using PHP/Hack, JS, and GraphQL. Shipped catalog features on iOS and Android in Video Subscriptions product launch for 41 million followers to increase user engagement

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Product Management and Analytics Intern
Capital One Financial
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
McLean, VA

Trained SVMs and neural networks to predict customer debt recovery with Scikit-Learn and Keras/TensorFlow (boosted accuracy by 8.6%). Consulted 8+ VPs and managers on strategy after benchmarking competitive intel in debt collections of 25+ banks and fintech startups. Queried, cleaned, and preprocessed customer datasets with over 11 BN indexes using SQL, Apache PySpark and Pandas DataFrames

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Chief Information Officer, Director of Data Science
Student Federal Credit Union
Sep 2016 - Present
Philadelphia, PA

Partnered with a 150k member institution to detect card fraud via random forests and gradient boosted decision trees (F1-score of 89%). Lead 24 data and ledger analysts to create Tableau visualizations using SQL data from 1.8 million transaction entries and 1400 customers. Tripled ML projects delivery speed, such as with k-means clustering to segment customers and LDA/RBMs to topic model service feedback

Research and Teaching

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Urban Analytics Research Fellow
Wharton Social Impact Initiative
Dec 2018 - Present
Philadelphia, PA

Analyze effects of vacant lot greening on crime by parsing 2.7 million data entries on Philadelphia crime and lot features with Python and R. Use shapefiles of land use zoning and business vibrancy around vacant lots to analyze their influence on the effects of greening on crime

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Machine Learning Teaching Assistant
Penn Computer Science Department
Aug 2019 - Dec 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Architect homeworks and examination questions with LateX, Jupyter and Google Colab for 170 undergraduate and graduate students. Host weekly office hours to lecture on topics such as regression, supervised, unsupervised, active, online, reinforcement, and deep learning

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Machine Learning Research Assistant
Penn Computer Science Department
Dec 2018 - Jan 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Developed Jupyter web tool pipeline to allow researchers to retrieve ROC-AUC metrics and ensemble models for liquid biopsy datasets. Investigate metrics between feature and data size with AutoML by building Python API to benchmark 200 computational genomics datasets

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Research Assistant in Augmented Reality Education Technology
Wharton Learning Lab
Jul 2017 - Jan 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Created a PyTorch LSTM-RNN to perform NLP (sentiment analysis) of 50k tweets on the AR/VR market harvested from Docker containers. Collaborated with Wharton Management faculty to design an AR app with Unity and C# to enhance classroom human-computer interaction.

My Findings

Organizations and Leadership

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Chief Technology Officer
Rise First
Jun 2019 - Current
Philadelphia, PA

Developed website features with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery to improve SEO and web-scraped a database of 1200+ resources with Python for a 501(c)3 non-profit institution focused on creating an online community for first-generation, low-income college students.

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Co-President, Founder
First-generation, Low-income Students in Tech and Engineering (FLITE)
Apr 2019 - Current
Philadelphia, PA

Spearheaded a board of 5 people and a growing constituency of 80+ members to empower first-generation, low income students with academic/professional resources and monthly workshops to succeed in technology and engineering.

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Chapter Secretary and Webmaster
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Eta Kappa Nu
Apr 2018 - Apr 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Update the website for the university’s chapter and organize weekly 7-person board meetings to program tech talks with leading technology companies, partner freshman to senior design teams, and campaign a newsletter to 100+ members representing top academics.

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Director of Volunteering
Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania
Sep 2016 - Apr 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Organized 100+ volunteers to run a STEM tournament with 850+ competitiors nationwide, managed over $13,000 of cash flow to fund the tournamnet, and increased YOY sponsorships and income by 24% by improving outreach to local science startups.

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Pan-Asian America Community House Peer Mentoring Program
Vice-Chair of Leadership
Apr 2017 - Apr 2017
Philadelphia, PA

Programmed multi-day retreats and monthly leadership seminars as well as co-built the website for an Asian-Pacific Islander (API) mentorship organization with 40 students, facilitating discussions surrounding API topics and assisting social and volunteering events.


Check out my portfoilio of projects ranging from 3D modeling to app development!

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A web-app that users can journal in, which uses machine learning sentiment analysis to create recommendations based on user input to improve mental well-being. Won top 5 hack at PennApps XIX hackathon.

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A SMS chatbot created with Google Dialogflow API and Twilio API that disadvantagd populations in a community can use to request needs, which won the grand prize at the inaugural Sustainable Solutions tournament in Philadelphia.

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AR Ukulele Chords
AR Ukulele Chords

A mobile Augmented Reality app developed using Unity, C#, and Vuforia that helps beginner ukulele players by overlaying chords, notes, and finger positions over a ukulele.

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A full-stack web-app co-developed with 4 students using HTML, CSS, JS, Node.JS, Express and SQL that queries restaurants based on location safety using Yelp’s dataset and Google Maps API. I was in charge of UX, JS functionality and SQL queries.

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Semester Simulator Typing Game

Interactive game built with Java Swing that includes File I/O reads and writes, collision logic, and collections data structures.

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Student Federal Credit Union Website

Spearheaded project to revamp the institution's old website and co-built the new website with additional CSS, Boostrap and JS functionality such as landing video on home page.

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PEER Site Thumbnail
Penn Pan-Asian American PEER Mentorship Program Website

Co-built the organization's website for the first time in 15 years to help archive memories and history of past mentorship events.

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IEEE-HKN Lambda Chapter Honor Society Website

Responsible for maintaining and updating the website as webmaster and secretary of the premier Electrical and Computer Engineering honor society in the nation.

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Saxophone Model
Saxophone Model View 1

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

Saxophone Model
Saxophone Model View 2

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

Saxophone Model
Saxophone Model View 3

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

Game Room Model
Game Room Model View 1

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

Game Room Model
Game Room Model View 2

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

Game Room Model
Game Room Model View 3

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

Yoda Model
Yoda Model View 1

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya and ZBrush.

Yoda Model
Yoda Model View 2

Modelled and rendered with Autodesk Maya and ZBrush.

Portfolio Demo Reel

Demo of various video and modelling projects.

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